How It Works

DCF Modeling Made Simple


Easy As 1-2-3


Add A New Property 

Or copy/edit an existing model from your library 


Add Line Items To Your Cash Flow

Use intuitive input controls to add Revenue, OpEx, and CapEx cash flow items to your CF


Create Purchase, Sale, Debt Cash Flows

Custom modules allow for quick entries of Purchase, Sale and Debt line items.



Key Performance Metrics, and all assumptions, are consolidated and displayed on the Analysis tab for review.


…And More

Export your cash flow to a CSV file. Share a read-only version via weblink. Create meaningful portfolios for consolidated analysis…

Small Investors to Institutional Managers

Model Anything

MW’s “sandbox” approach allows for precise modeling, similar to any spreadsheet

Powerful Sensitivities

Easily copy models and adjust inputs to create quick and insightful scenarios.

Analyze and Report in Real Time

Key Performance Indicators give immediate feedback from changes in assumptions.

Create your portfolio

Combine two or more models into a portfolio for high-level analysis and decision making.

Complete Control

Override any individual cell in the cash flow for complete control and refined analysis.

Intuitive Inputs

Quickly create line items with escalations, varying frequencies/periods, or as a %-age of other line items.