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Money Weighted is the fastest and easiest way to generate real estate models that can help you and your team decide where, when, and how to deploy your capital, whether you own two properties or two hundred.

Model Anything

Money Weighted‘ s “sandbox” approach to cash flow modeling allows for many ways to solve a problem. We don’t force you into a particular method. There are no cookie-cutter “calculators”.

Inflate your rents directly with the “dynamic” toggle or separate rental increases into a new line item. Create down months (months vacant) in a rent roll entry or as an offset using the “frequency” toggle. Model reimbursable expenses as “derived” from the reimbursable revenue or as direct entries. Cap forward twelve month NOI or “hardwire” the acquisition costs directly in the cash flow.

Get creative. The only wrong way is the one that doesn’t work.

Powerful Sensitivities

Money Weighted allows you the flexibility to quickly adjust your assumptions and create multiple versions. Copy existing models and make minor assumption changes to create conservative, base, and aggressive scenarios. Iterate models for all conditions. Analyze sensitivities to discount rate, leverage, or exits.

Be prepared to assess all possibilities.

Analyze and Report In Real-Time

Money Weighted gives you optionality when it comes to reporting. Your dashboard shows relevant performance metrics quickly and cleanly. Alternatively, more detailed property-level reports are available in real-time as you go. Download reports directly to pdf or export your cash flow to excel to run them through your existing charting and analysis workflow.

Create Your Portfolio

Effortlessly roll up individual models into a combined portfolio analysis. Include or exclude models in your portfolio with one click and observe the results. Create unlimited portfolios by region, property type or risk. Input portfolio specific discount rates. Add portfolio level debt. Full, portfolio-level functionality.

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