Conquer Your Cash Flow

From back-of-the-napkin to the investor boardroom, Money Weighted is a faster, more powerful, and less error-prone way to model your Real Estate cash flow
*Money Weighted is free during beta
Money Weighted Is...

Quick And Powerful Cash Flow Modeling

Get your first model up and running in three minutes with our cash flow modeling "sandbox"

Insight As A Service

Instant, beautiful, investor-ready reports at both the property and portfolio level give unmatched insight into where and when cash moves

Goodbye Excel

Ditch Error-prone

Ever seen a model off by a few $M due to an Excel formula typo? We have, and it’s not a fun conversation to have with the investors or the board. 

Ditch Drab

Let’s be honest, your trusty Excel template’s tables and charts are starting to look like they belong on the shelf next to those 45 LPs.

Ditch Inconsistent

Ever opened a model built in one version of Excel with another version and watched the Universe slowly implode? It’s time for cloud software.

Hello Money Weighted

Money Weighted was built from the ground-up by a team of real estate analysts and investors to solve our issues with Excel. 

Our goal was to create the easiest, fastest, and least error-prone way to create, manipulate, and analyze cash flow models in the cloud. 

More than an “online calculator”, Money Weighted is a cash flow modeling sandbox that gives you complete freedom over your assumptions and inputs

If you value or invest in real estate. If you model real estate cash flows. Money Weighted was built for you.