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Quick And Powerful Cash Flow Modeling

Get your first model up and running in minutes with intuitive inputs and precise control.

  • Input line items directly into the cash flow, from any device, anywhere
  • Quickly add purchase, sale, and debt assumptions via built-in calculators
  • Input multiple tenants quickly via rent roll entry
  • Create even the most complex one-time or recurring line items
  • Derive income or expenses from other line items or subtotals
  • Manually override any cell for precise inputs
  • Use templates to get up and running quickly, or start from scratch
  • Enjoy a model that works for every deal, every time, everywhere

Model Your Cash Flow

Insight As A Service

Real-time reports and analysis at both the property and portfolio level give unmatched insight into where and when cash moves.

  • Create, edit, and copy property models with a single click
  • Add up to 50 property models to one or more portfolios
  • View property and portfolio level metrics like Profit, IRR, NPV, Multiple, Peak Contributions, Debt to Purchase Ratios, and more
  • Dive into detailed property-level analytics like Debt Service Coverage Ratios, Cap Rates, Cash on Cash, and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Compare property or portfolio performance per unit or ft² to instantly recognize over- or under- performing assets

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Goodbye Excel!

Ditch Error-Prone

Ever seen a model off by a few $M due to an Excel formula typo? We have, and it’s not a fun conversation to have with the investors or the board.

Ditch Drab

Let’s be honest, your trusty Excel template’s tables and charts are not ready for the pitch-deck or client correspondence. Create better looking materials.

Ditch Inconsistent

Ever opened a model built in one version of Excel with another version and watched the Universe slowly implode? It’s time for cloud software.

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