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Better Real Estate Pro Formas

Money Weighted is a Faster, More Powerful, and Less Error-Prone Way to Model Your Real Estate Cash Flow.

Quick and Powerful Cash Flow Modeling

Get your first model up and running in minutes with intuitive inputs and precise control.

Enjoy a model that works for every deal, every time, everywhere

Create everything from back-of-the-envelope to detailed acquisition models

Consolidate models for portfolio analysis or quickly develop multiple scenarios

Create even the most complex one-time or recurring line items, with complete control

A Force Multiplier

Devote more time to analysis and execution, and less time to building models.

Flatten the learning curve for your analysts

Generate robust DCF models - no "cookie-cutter" calculators

Analyze real estate, not Excel formulas

Web-based Analytical Platform For CRE Pros

Reduce Errors

How much time does your organization waste auditing models and fixing errors? 

Improve Your Process

Create a more seamless and integrated process.

Model Better

Don’t sacrifice sophistication for efficiency. Model YOUR deal…just better.

Simple pricing that works at any scale

“What makes it special is it works like a purpose built Excel, without the formulas. That way it quickly and reliably creates sophisticated models.”

Simple Pricing

Accessible for everyone




Build unlimited models and portfolios.


Cancel and restart your subscription anytime.


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